Benito Baldominos Baldominos KR2SB

Benito Baldominos Baldominos' "KR2SB"

This is my "KR2SB", being built in Guadalajara, Spain.
2700hours of hard work, from 2001,and today is not finished, but is near.
-Empty weight 640pounds
-Fuel capacity 22gal. in stub wing
-Engine Jabiru 3300 120CV @3300rpm
-Fuselage is stretched rearward 7.25" and max. cabin wide int is 41" with Dragonfly canopy from Slipstream.
-Landing gear is from Diehl+ legs stretched for more propeller clearance, are in carbon fiber by me.
-Wings airfoil AS 5048-AS5045
-Wing incidence is set at 1 degree with 2.25 of washout.....stabilizer -0.75 degrees
-h.and v/stabilizer airfoil is Naca 63009
-Flaps and ailerons are like plans
-All parts, in carbon fiber

I hope it is finished in about 3 months or more, because I have the same problem like you..... I have two stabilizers, two instrument panels, two aft decks, two forward decks,two landing gears (complete), I have moulds from every fiber-part...... I have nearly two aircraft and.... a factory for krs...this is for lunatics
best regards from Spain...
Beni (BENITOBB "at"

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