Bill Page's KR2

Bill Page's KR2

August 2004

About thirteen years ago my son and I each started a KR2 project. He was stationed at Grand Forks AFB, single, 2 days on and 3 days off as a Missile Launch Officer in an underground silo. Being single he needed something to do. We were to build 2 KR's and fly as a father and son team. Due to the distance from Starkville, Mississippi to Grand Forks, SD we settled on one.

Alan, my son, did the basic structure, he and I did the fiberglass work and I have done most of the finishing. My boat is in the attic. (maybe I will finish it later)

Engine: 2180 cc VW
Building time: 13 years (off and on)
Hope to fly in next 45 - 60 days. I live in Starkville, Mississippi (Northeast Mississippi). I am 63 years old and a retired School Teacher. My wife and I own a small printing company (30 years) and sell ladies purses on the side of the road and at festivals. (don't laugh, 4 Saturdays and I make more than a school teacher makes in a month.)

I have attended 5 Gatherings in Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Iowa, and I look forward to seeing you at Mt. Vernon. I am pre-registered.

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