Christian Kogelmann's KR2S

Christian Kogelmann's KR2S

created Feb 11, 2003

My KR-2S is pretty much plans built and I have 7 flight test hours so far. After a little mishap due to a too short runway, it is going really well now.

Engine is a Type 1 VW from GPAS. The engine mount is stock GPAS also. The cowling is stock from Rand Robinson I just added "Speed Bumps" to be able to fit the oil cooler on top.

I am from Austria and built the second KR in Austria. The first one is a vintage KR2 built in 84 with lots of mods.

The KR2S is an awesome airplane. Currently we are indicating 130kts with 3000RPM, and pulling away from all the Pipers, Cessna's and even the sleek new (composite) Katana's. Stall is over the nose at 50kts single 55kts double and 60kts double seating in rain or snow.

I've attached my wiring, hope it is of use to the KR community. To note: I haven't used much shielding on the wiring but still the radio works great.

The wiring diagram for this aircraft is shown at Check it out!

This image was created from an Excel spreadsheet file. If you'd like to download it, it's at