Dean Selby's KR2S

Dean Selby's KR2S

created May 7, 2001

Dean Selby's KR2S is the first airplane of any kind to fly the AS5048 tapering to AS5046 airfoil.

Rudder pedals and brakes are simple. Heel brakes are from Great Plains.

The tailwheel spring is made from two leaves of eighth inch thick titanium, which turns out to have been not quite enough to keep it from bending. This may look short, but it's the same setup that Troy has, and is quite happy with.

Note the trim wheel in the panel, and EIS engine information system.

Canopy is a one sided gullwing, similar to Troy's and Bobby's setup.

Engine is a 1915cc VW (94mm pistons, 69mm stroke) with dual ignition (one mag, one CompuFire), a Zenith carburetor, and swings a Tennessee Props 52x48 prop. Dean carved the cowling out from scratch!

Paint is just polyurethane primer at this point. Real paint is coming as soon as Dean's convinced that no more body work needs to be done.

Here it is, all painted, flying at the 2001 Pine Bluff KR Gathering !

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