2001 Pine Bluff Gathering Page 2

2001 Pine Bluff Gathering Page 2

Jerry Mahurin, Jim Morehead, and Dan Heath.

Tommy heads to the runway.

Dean talks over his mag problem with Steve Bennett, the VW guru.

Rich Siefert arrived...

...along with Richard Shirley, both flying in from California in one day.

Richard's KR1 just screams "aerodynamic". He built this thing back in the early 80's, and it still looks fantastic.

Richard (on the right) explains some of the details.

Dave Mullins has to get a shot of this interior.

Later Richard flew in formation with Larry Flesner's Tripacer so I could get these great air-to-air shots.

If you don't think he was close, you would be wrong. This is with my camera zoomed all the way OUT, as in wide-angle!

Dean Selby made it up too, for some nice shots at well.

I'd like to thank Larry Flesner for letting me hang out the door of his TriPacer for what seemed like about half of the Gathering to take all of these pictures!

I have no idea what was growing in this field, but the pattern was kinda neat.

This is Richard Shirley's KR1 engine compartment. He was accused of not taking his cowling off so he didn't win "Best Engine" award. The judges don't know what they missed!

I forget exactly how many cc's this thing was, but it was a lot bigger than your average Type 1!

I wonder how many other engines at the Gathering had custom made valve covers on them, machined from a solid billet to they'd be as tight fitting as possible for minimium drag?

Battery compartment, complete with vent.

No, I'm sure it shouldn't have won "Best Engine"...

Note the airfoil shape in the inlet, to smooth the airflow into the plenum.

Cable operated cowl flap.

See how it is gradually accelerated back into the airstream? That's exactly what I've been planning on doing, except using a reverse NACA duct that will taper inward toward the tail.

Cockpit view.

Nice trailing edges, which look a lot like mine as well.

How's this for attention to detail? He hammered this tailwheel fairing out of sheet aluminum. But no awards for this guy!

Rich Siefert's KR2. I believe he's building another one too, this one Corvair powered.

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